Union Park Residents Association is

  • Non-profit, non-religious, social-n-charity organization, registered as
  • ALM No. 104 with MCGM, 2003.
  • A Registered Society, No. 1318 dated 09 – 08 - 2004.
  • Charity Trust, No. F27605, dated 31 03 – 2005 with Charity Commissioner, Mumbai.


Union Park Residents Association is

  • Clean, Green, Safe and Peaceful Mumbai to live and work in.
  • Empowerment of Community with knowledge, awareness and motivation to understand and carry out their civic and social responsibilities and to proactively participate towards their all-round development and protection of environment.
  • Girl Child – “BETI” Save and Educate.


  • Development and Maintenance of Eco-Garden of Union Park.
  • Conservation of  water, maintaining the ground water level in Mumbai through Rain and Gray water harvesting/recycling, resulting in adequate availability of drinking water.
  • Conservation of conventional electricity and promotion of solar/wind energy.
  • Effective management of domestic solid waste , segregation and composting.
  • Make the community aware of and to take necessary precautions and ‘small steps’ against common life-style diseases like malaria, dengue, AIDS, H1N1, diabetes and heart ailment etc.
  • Common security precautions and anti-terrorist measures to be taken by the citizens.
  • Unity, amity and cultural integration among the people.
  • Girl Child – “BETI” : Help remove gender inequality and discrimination against the girls, help eradicate the menace of ‘Female Foeticide’ and help poor deserving girls on education and vocational training towards self-sustainance.


Anil Kakad

President ALM 104


Vice President ALM 104

Bharati kakad


Hemant Sonar

Joint Secretary

Surekha Kotwani


Ashutosh Miskin

Exec. Member

Navin Chandra

Exec. Member

Dr. Sujit Shukla

Exec. Member

M. M. David

Exec. Member

Gautam Paul

Exec. Member

Himanshu Seksaria

Exec. Member