It is indeed protection of Mother Earth and preservation of her Prosperity

It means moving towards Green Economy - - -one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. On the ground, every citizen must play his/her part to

Reduce carbon emissions and pollution of air

Stop pollution of rivers and the ground water

Change to solar/wind energy to the practical extent possible.

Effective solid waste management, segregate and composting.

Stop deforestation, protect and plant more trees and mangroves

Reduce use of plastics and paper, recover and reprocess


Anil Chandhok

We have a corner plot facing Khar Gymkhana and are fortunate to have two gardens in our building. The gardens are with lush grass, bordered by flowering plants. A large number of diverse trees are found in our compound. Ashoka trees line the border on the 13th & 15thRoads, coconut trees that provide us with coconuts, an Amla tree that bears fruit collected by the children of the next door school, a towering Banyan tree where our residents light a lamp occasionally, a Tamarind tree, and of course, Mango trees. We were very impressed with Union Park Residents Associations' zeal and program that encourages planting of trees within building compounds and they also helped us get some saplings from the M.C.G.M. We have been planting these trees as time goes by. Our goal is to have variety of fruit trees to attract birds and we see an astonishing range of small as well as large birds visiting our gardens. During summer, we keep tubs of water for the birds to drink.

My wife and I believe that TREES ARE ESSENTIAL FOR LIFE and whenever a child is born, a tree should be planted, to provide the oxygen, clean air and nourishment that the child will require, instead of depleting existing natural resources.